Greed is Good – Dark and Darker competitor launches into Early Access

Greed is Good - Early Access Release on Steam
Greed is Good follows the same game concept as Dark and Darker. (Image Source: The Fool's Studio)

Greed is Good is now the first competitor to Dark and Darker to enter Early Access.
However, it is not on its own platform like its precedent, but available on Steam.

What is “Greed is Good”?

In Greed is Good, you choose a class such as mage or warrior and are then thrown into a dungeon where you have to survive against various monsters and bosses as well as other players.
You try to collect as much loot as possible and then escape from the dungeon, whose map gradually shrinks.

So far so familiar, Greed is Good is obviously a game that relies on the same elements as Dark and Darker.
And just like Dark and Darker, the basic framework is built on many existing elements from the Asset Store, which are to be gradually replaced.

Players seem to like Greed is Good quite a lot so far, with the first 200 or so reviews currently giving the game a “Mostly Positive” rating (73%).

Information on Early Access

According to developer The Fool’s Studio, an additional map will be added to the game during Early Access, while initial images show a dungeon in the style of Egyptian catacombs or a pyramid.
New monsters, bosses and items will also be added gradually.

It is not yet known how long the Early Access phase will last.

Greed is Good has been available on Steam since November 6, 2023, is 15% off at release and is currently available for €12.57.

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