Fallout: Nuevo México – Mod project wants to capture the original Fallout flair

Fallout: Nuevo México Gameplay
(Image Source: Obsidian Entertainment / Fallout: Nuevo México Team)

The Fallout modding landscape is still extremely diverse and many large mod projects are in development, most of which are based on Fallout 4.
Recently, however, a first gameplay trailer was released for one of the more unknown projects – Fallout: Nuevo México.

We present you the interesting mod project based on Fallout: New Vegas.

This is Fallout: Nuevo México

Unlike many other projects, Fallout: Nuevo México is based on Obsidian’s interpretation of the Fallout franchise. But Fallout: Nuevo México also takes a few other paths.

The events of Fallout: Nuevo México take place in a state called “Land of Enchantment”. In terms of time, we are in the year 2166, five years after the events of the very first Fallout game.
In keeping with the translated name – New Mexico – the developers have cast the entire dialog of the game with many voice actors, whose accents are based on those of Mexican immigrant workers in the USA.
In addition, there is a custom soundtrack and much more attention to detail.

Gameplay-wise, the modification is supposed to focus more on role-playing elements and their impact on the further course of the game. Decisions should have more weight and consequences, and the entire style is more oriented towards Obsidian’s version of Fallout than Bethesda’s successors.

In Fallout: Nuevo México, you can choose one of two characters at the start. One starts in a prison guarded by robots, without any memory of how he got there.

Interestingly, this gameplay start coincides with that of “Van Buren”, a prototype for a version of Fallout 3 created by Interplay Entertainment, the developers of Fallout 1 and 2. Information about this prototype was later published on the Internet – and you can probably be quite sure that the team behind Fallout: Nuevo México drew inspiration from here.

Originally announced a little over two years ago, Fallout: Nuevo México has gone through several concept revisions and has now received more attention in recent months.
You can see the current status in the gameplay trailer, which is over 18 minutes long and which we have linked to you below.

There is currently no release date or time frame for the mod.

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