Fallout: London – Ambitious Fallout 4 mod postpones release in favor of Starfield

Fallout: London - Release delayed
(Image Source: Bethesda/Fallout London Team)

With Fallout: London, a full conversion mod for Fallout 4 is currently in development, which is supposed to take the player to the English capital.
The extensive mod was actually supposed to be released in the third quarter of 2023, but has now been pushed back in favor of another Bethesda title.

Fallout: London makes room for Starfield

In their quarterly video, the developers now stated that the delayed release of Bethesda’s Starfield has caused them to push back their own release.
Originally, they had planned to release the full conversion close to Starfield, but they will now take more time for content, testing and bug fixes in favor of Bethesda’s new game.
The new release is therefore planned for the fourth quarter of 2023, i.e. October or later.

However, it is probably less about avoiding monetary losses – because the mod will be available completely free of charge.
Rather, they want to give the players time to play Starfield and not get lost next to the blockbuster of the Fallout makers.

So when the players have played their fill of Starfield for the first time, they can immediately start the next journey into post-apocalyptic London.
Some impressions of what this will look like in the game can also be seen in the update video.

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