Fallout 76 – Season 13 update brings new cryptids and Hollywood-themed items

Fallout 76 - Once in a Blue Moon-Update & Season 13
(Image Source: Bethesda)

The “Once in a Blue Moon” update for Fallout 76 is here, and in addition to kicking off a new season, it also brings two new cryptids and some fancy Hollywood-themed items to the game.

Season 13: Shoot for the stars

The new season 13 with the title “Shoot for the stars” has started and brings a whole range of items in Hollywood style with which you can decorate your C.A.M.P.. Among them are various stand-ups, movie projectors, pyrotechnics and also monster costumes.

There are also two new stuntman paint jobs for your power armor, and Joey Bello is available as a new ally – if you can stand his flat jokes and unflinching humor.

Fallout 76 - Season 13: Shoot for the Stars
(Image Source: Bethesda)

New cryptids<7h2>
A big part of Fallout 76 has always been its reference to various cryptids, which are based on stories from local folklore.
With the new update, two new creatures are coming back into the game.

Along with that, of course, come new public events where you can get various cryptid plushies, outfits, and C.A.M.P. items.

The Blue Devil

The blue devil is basically a variant of the werewolf, sometimes depicted in humanoid form and sometimes really as a large dog or wolf.
He is now also wreaking havoc in Appalachia.


The Ogua – also known as the “Monongahela Monster” – is a giant snapping turtle that can now be found in Appalachia.
As a turtle, it is well protected by its shell and can even retreat into it completely to avoid damage completely for a short time.

New Events

Also new in the game are two new events that revolve around the Blue Ridge Caravan Company. You can now complete the Pack Mule and Safe and Sound events.
You may well encounter the new cryptids in the process…!

Costa Business Daily Quests

The new unique daily quests centered around Vinny Costa and the Blue Ridge Caravan Company will reward you with some unique Blue Ridge-style items.

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More Information

Game improvements and better descriptions

In addition to new content, the 44th update for Fallout 76 also addresses some existing issues and brings improvements.

Most notably, the removal of fuel costs for expeditions, which should make exploring the new content much easier.

Also nice are the revised weapon and mod descriptions, which now better show you what effect the equipment has on the gameplay.

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