Escape from Tarkov – Most important wipe in the last years on wednesday

Escape from Tarkov - Wipe & Patch
(Image Source: Battlestate Games)

It’s time for the next wipe for hardcore survival PvP shooter Escape from Tarkov. Developer Battlestate Games announced this earlier today on X (Twitter).

We have compiled all the information we know about the situation so far: time of the maintenance work, scope of the wipe, effects on EFT: Arena, patch content and more!

Wipe for Escape from Tarkov & maintenance times

The wipe will take place today, Wednesday, December 27, 2023 and brings with it the extensive patch

The servers will be shut down at around 11pm PST / 2am EST and are then expected to start up again with the patch 6 hours later.
From experience, however, we would allow for significant tolerances here, as the developers often need longer until everything is running as it should.

Together with the patch, a complete wipe of all characters and abilities as well as all items and sums of money of the players in the game will be carried out.
As soon as you log in after the patch, you will start again as if you had just bought the game.

The most important wipe of recent years

In terms of content, we can expect one of the most important and significant wipes for Escape from Tarkov in recent years. This is partly due to the completely new “starting area”, which comes into play in the form of the “Ground Zero” map.

But also the completely revised recoil system for all weapons, the new armor system with new hit zones and armor plates as well as “Vaulting” – the (over)climbing of various objects and obstacles in the game – will probably have a significant impact on the way the game is played.

It is important to remember that all the systems currently available in Escape from Tarkov – from the weapons to the ammunition types, armor and character values to the map design – are coordinated with each other.
With update, Battlestate Games is now tweaking a number of major adjustments at the same time – and as we all know, few things work as they should straight away and not all variables can be taken into account.

As a player, be prepared for a few exciting weeks and months, during which there will probably be some hotfixes and smaller patches.

No wipe for Escape from Tarkov: Arena

Contrary to what many players assumed, there will be no wipe for the new spin-off Escape from Tarkov: Arena.
Although developer Battlestate Games originally announced a link between the base game and the spin-off, this does not appear to be available at present.

Escape from Tarkov: Arena is currently not in a good state, especially from a technical point of view.
This, together with the lack of features and the still non-transparent unlocking process that has left many players unable to play even two weeks after release, suggests that the developers will not be able to keep to their internal plans.

Whether there will be any kind of wipe for Escape from Tarkov: Arena in the near future is currently unclear.

Escape from Tarkov - Boss Kollontay - Patch
New Boss “Kollontay” (Image Source: Battlestate Games)

Escape from Tarkov – Patch Contents

Although all of the following content was presented in the last issue of TarkovTV and announced for the patch, the official patch notes have not yet been published.
It is therefore possible that some of the announced content has not made it into the update.

Faster matchmaking and new features in the launcher

Improvements to the matchmaking system promise shorter waiting times. You can also expect a revised launcher, which now also supports the arena. Get into the game faster and get started right away!

Brand new location: Ground Zero

Ground Zero, a new, vibrant location in the middle of the city, opens its doors to players up to level 15-20. Scavs without level restrictions also have access to this exciting zone.

Map updates: More action in Streets of Tarkov and Shoreline

The popular map “Streets of Tarkov” is being expanded: Look forward to more walk-in buildings, a BTR truck for fast rides and a brand new boss. Optimizations are also planned to improve the game experience. Shoreline” is also getting a facelift, but details are still under wraps.

Vaulting: New movement options

Now you can jump over obstacles or climb onto smaller ledges – with the new Vaulting mechanic, you can move through the world more fluidly and dynamically.

New armor system

The new armor system brings hit zones and protective plates to all armor and helmets. These plates lose durability when fired upon, which significantly increases the dynamics in combat.

Reworked recoil system

A more realistic recoil system is currently being tested internally and could soon find its way into the game. Test runs on the test servers will show whether it is ready for action.

Tactical feature: Left Shoulder Transition

Change the shoulder position of your weapon at lightning speed, ideal for battles around corners or in cover.

New blind fire animations

With a range of new animations, blind firing is now even more realistic and versatile.

Hall of Fame: Your personal museum

Show off your special items and achievements in the new “Hall of Fame” – a real eye-catcher!

Magazine load presets

Save time with preset ammo combinations for your magazines. A few clicks and you’re ready for battle!

Lightkeeper services: New services

Take advantage of the many services offered by Lightkeeper, such as support from Zryachiy, friendly cultists and temporary help from the Rogues.

Permanent achievements: Collect and present

Your achievements in the game, such as slaying bosses, are now listed in your profile and are retained even after wipes.

Favorite Weapons: Personal Arsenal

Mark your favorite weapons in the armory and display them proudly in your profile. Use the presets for a quick overview and easy selection.

New player profile: More than just stats

Your new profile shows overall stats, favorite weapons and achievements – a comprehensive insight into how you play.

New weapons and equipment

  • 9A-91: Compact 9x39mm machine gun
  • VSK-94: Silenced 9x39mm sniper rifle
  • RPD: Lightweight 7.62x39mm machine gun
  • RPDN: Variant with folding sights
  • Plus: 2 new helmets, several backpacks and fresh clothing

New quests and rebalancing

Look forward to new challenges and adjustments to existing quests.

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