Escape from Tarkov – First patch of the roadmap addresses sound problems

Escape from Tarkov - Patch
(Image Source: Battlestate Games)

The first patch of the preliminary roadmap for Escape from Tarkov has arrived – and it mainly addresses one of the hardcore shooter’s biggest problems at the moment: the sound.

The most important changes

The sound has been causing some problems for many players since the introduction of the new system. Patch is supposed to change that now. Battlestate Games has made changes to the Lighthouse, Interchange, Reserve and Labs maps.
Also the speech should sound better and more realistic in the game now.

Next up were the headsets, these have been re-levelled and certain models are now said to allow footsteps and voices to be heard a little further.
Fittingly, the frequency of the scavs’ utterances (voices, screams) has also been tweaked, so they don’t scream at you every few seconds anymore.

But other problems have been worked on as well: For example, visual bugs that occurred when using flashlight attachments have been fixed, they should now not be visible when turned off.
Scavs also now can’t miraculously flip over within a second when lying on the ground.

Last but not least, a problem with impostor teammates has been fixed.
If a player in the same group is shot by his mates, he no longer gives experience points and his dog tag no longer has the “Found in Raid” status nor is it worth more than a single ruble.

Escape from Tarkov – Patchnotes

  • The first iteration of the sound positioning settings on all locations has been completed:
    • Configured the sound system for Lighthouse;
    • Configured the sound system for Interchange;
    • Fixed the main sound issue areas on Reserve and The Lab;
    • Reworked the sound engine for voice lines: the sound is now more realistic, adjusted curves for the volume drop, muffling/transparency of the sound at a distance. Voice lines are balanced in accordance with the loudness of the phrase;
    • Improved active headsets system: lowered the volume level for all headsets, amplified high frequencies for more realistic sound, added functionality that gives some headsets an advantage by increasing the hearing radius of footsteps and voices;
    • Adjusted audio tracks that had sound artifacts (background voices, noise);
    • Fixed the sound effect of concussion which appeared when using Golden Star balm or when stunned by a grenade: the effect is now smoother, the sound of tinnitus is played in stereo mode, without the positioning effect when turning your head;
    • Balanced sound volume for M18 grenade to match other grenades of this type;
    • Fixed an issue with short-term muting of the sound when the sound source transitions between rooms;
    • Fixed an issue that occurred when opening a door where the sound source behind it could sound muffled;
    • Fixed an issue where leaning against a wall would allow you to hear everything in the room behind the wall.
  • Fixed visual bugs when using flashlights:
    • Flashlights no longer shine through walls and other obstacles;
    • Fixed flickering of disabled flashlights on weapons on your back;
    • Fixed brightness and beam range of some flashlights.
  • Bots can no longer instantly rotate while prone.
  • Disabled experience gain for killing and looting players in the same group. Dogtags of such players will be sold to traders for 1 rouble and will not be considered as found in raid.
  • Reduced frequency of bot voice lines and shouting during combat.

What’s next on the plan?

The next item on the roadmap is the update to a new Unity engine, followed by another technical update that is supposed to work on the shooter’s big desync problem.

SOURCEEscape from Tarkov Forum
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