Escape from Tarkov – Changes to recoil, stamina & more

Escape from Tarkov - Changes to Recoil, Stamina & Weight
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This thursday the developers of Escape from Tarkov surprisingly announced some changes and fixes for the hardcore survival shooter, which are active in the game with immediate effect.

We explain to you what exactly has been changed!

These changes are active with immediate effect

Recoil behavior of the weapons

With the changes of the latest wipe, even low-recoil submachine guns were sometimes difficult to control, which caused a lot of criticism from the community.

As a result, the recoil angle of all weapons has been adjusted and reduced. This means that the recoil of all weapons in the game should be much easier to handle, and this should have a noticeable effect on gameplay, especially with fully automatic weapons.
The recoil effect on the player’s camera has also been reduced by 20%.

Stamina & weight limit

It was also noticeable that the character’s stamina depleted very quickly and hardly improved with increasing level.

Therefore, some adjustments were made here as well. In general, the stamina consumption for various actions has been reduced and especially when you are hit by shots, you should now not immediately lose all stamina and virtually be stuck on the spot.

Also, the movement and stamina consumption restrictions of all armor and armored vests have been significantly reduced, so you should be able to move better and faster again.

Completing this section is an increase in the weight limit, so you can take more stuff before you’re overloaded.

Less drinking and eating

Last but not least, a good innovation in terms of Quality of Life, because your energy and hydration will now tick down much less quickly within a raid. This means, of course, a little more flexibility, less food and less drink for your PMC.

Until you have reached a good metabolism level, it might still make sense to refill both after each raid and to top them up directly when you find the appropriate items.

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