Escape from Tarkov: Arena – Matchmaking improvements, cash bonus and patch content

Escape from Tarkov: Arena - Patch - Matchmaking & Features
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Shortly after the last wipe was carried out for the base game Escape from Tarkov and patch was installed, the new spin-off Escape from Tarkov: Arena also received a comprehensive update.

This is called Patch and contains, among other things, improvements for matchmaking and some features from the base game, as well as an additional cash injection for players.

Patch 0.14. Features for EFT: Arena

Some of the new features relating to movement and weapon use that Escape from Tarkov received with update have now also been introduced in the Arena spin-off:

  • Vaulting
  • Shoulder button
  • New recoil mechanic

You can find a more detailed description of the individual features in our article on update

Matchmaking-Improvements & Balancing

A major issue in this first version of Escape from Tarkov: Arena was the lack of matchmaking, which took the unlocked equipment and the progress of the individual players into account.
This led to constellations in which newcomers with beginner equipment and weak ammunition were confronted with experienced players with extremely strong armor, weapons and ammunition and had virtually no chance – while the experienced players found virtually no challenge.

The new update now takes into account not only the “ARP” value, which determines your rank, but also the average equipment points that your equipment kits have had in the last few rounds.
Situations like the one mentioned above should now occur less frequently and be the exception rather than the rule.

At the same time, the experience rewards have been adjusted so that the experience for rounds won has been reduced, but the experience for kills and objective focus has been increased.
As a result, a player who performs well will now receive more experience points, even if his team loses the match.

In addition, the cash rewards for all game modes have been increased by up to almost 50%, making it easier to earn money for new equipment.

Finally, some of the existing presets (equipment kits) have also been adjusted so that the individual options for each level are more equal.

Ruble cash bonus for all players

As a nice goodie, all players who log in to Escape from Tarkov: Arena by January 5, 2024 will receive a whopping 1.5 million rubles.
This is intended to give both new players and those who started immediately a little more room for testing.

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