Escape from Tarkov – All info about the wipe on Wednesday

It’s finally time, Battlestate Games has announced the date for the next wipe of Escape from Tarkov.
The questions about when, what and how long will be answered in our article!

When exactly will the wipe take place?

The servers of Escape from Tarkov will be shut down today, Wednesday, June 29, at 12pm midnight pacific time.

What exactly will happen during the maintenance?

The latest patch 12.12.30 will be applied and the wipe will take place.
All player data, items, money and so on will be deleted and all players will start again after the wipe as if they had just bought the game.

What content is included in Escape from Tarkov Patcha 12.12.30?

Among other things, the following content awaits us with update 12.12.30:

  • The expansion for the map Lighthouse
  • A variety of new weapons
  • New clothing for BEAR and USEC players
  • New slots for special equipment (e.g. compass)
  • New voicelines for the BEAR faction (broken English)
  • Support for AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution (FSR)
  • New daily tasks from Fence
  • Many new streamer collectibles
  • Coop mode for offline raids (still unconfirmed)

When will the servers come back?

According to Battlestate Games, the maintenance work is scheduled for 5 hours. So far, however, there has only been one case where this time was really needed.
The servers should be back online by 5am pacific time at the latest (if everything goes according to plan) and you can start playing!

(Keep in mind that it could be extended, in case its needed!)

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