Dying Light 2 – What to expect in the Winter Tales event

Dying Light 2 - Winter Tales Event 2023
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The Winter Tales event is also spreading some festive cheer in Villedor, but probably not in the sense of “silent night”, quite the opposite.
We reveal what awaits you in the Christmas 2023 event in Dying Light 2.

When does the event run?

The Winter Tales 2023 event runs from 19th of December 2023 to 05th of January 2024.

Disguised enemies

As usual, some new and disguised enemies await you in Villedor during the festive season. For example, you will encounter many normal Infected disguised as Santa’s helpers or elves, Destroyers who come in the form of a terrifyingly beautiful snowman or Bolters in a Grinch costume.

Sweets and presents

When you kill the disguised infected, they can drop sweets, among other things, which provide you with short-term buffs such as increased speed when you eat them.
But they also drop gifts that you can exchange with an old friend.

Baka is back

The merchant Baka is back in Villedor and has opened his Christmas stall. The first step is to kill some special enemies for him and the second is to use his letterbox to write a letter to Santa.
You can then kill the Event Infected and exchange the gifts he drops for rewards.

Christmas Supply Drops

If you send a letter to Santa via Baka’s mailbox, a flight will drop special supply crates over Villedor shortly afterwards.
These contain parts of the Christmas helper set, 3 of which you can find in the crates each week:

  • Week 1: December 19 to 27
  • Week 2: December 27 to January 03
  • Week 3: January 03 to 05

Event challenges

Of course, as with every event, there are some challenges that will be set for you personally as well as for the community worldwide:

  • Participation Challenge: Collect 1 Winter Tales presents
    • Reward: 2000 Christmas sweets
  • Personal challenge: Collect 60 Winter Tales presents
    • Reward: “Dead of Winter” bow and frost arrows + blueprints
  • Global Challenge (Community): Collect 9,000,000 Winter Tales presents
    • Reward: Infected gingerbread charm
  • Overkill Challenge (Community): Collect 30,000,000 Winter Tales presents
    • Reward: 50 Pilgrim tokens

As always, you can check the current status of the challenges on the Pilgrim Outpost event website.

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