Dying Light 2 – Update tweaks combat system and night gameplay

Dying Light 2: Stay Human - Update 1.2.0
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With update 1.2, Dying Light 2: Stay Human gets the next improvements, fixes and adjustments.

Among other things, the combat system will be improved, the ragdoll physics have been reworked, the nights should be more challenging and of course there are a lot of bug fixes.

These are the highlights in Update 1.2

  • Fix for severe bugs: All known “death loop” bugs have been fixed, which caused the player to die repeatedly on respawn. Other quest stoppers and bugs with the safe zone system have also been fixed.
  • Fixes for co-op: Many bugs in co-op play have also been fixed. Again, story blockers have been defused, connection issues have been fixed, and you should now be able to invite each other without any problems.
  • Improvements to the combat system: The zombies should attack and cling to you much more often after the update. Human enemies can now block your attacks better – and the hit feedback from blunt weapons should now feel more massive and heavy.
  • Better ragdoll physics: enemies’ ragdoll effects should now react more realistically and appropriately to the type of weapon you’re using.
  • New End Sequences & Final Boss Fight: The end of Dying Light 2’s story should be enhanced with some new scenes, and the final boss will also be given some new behaviors.
  • More challenging nights: The nights weren’t very threatening until now, which is supposed to change now. A chase level 4 is now supposed to be very hard to survive! The Howler zombies now recognize you earlier, are more hardened against ranged attacks and sound the alarm faster. The night hunters now also join the hunt earlier.
  • Harder Violence: Combat has been enhanced with some additional blood effects and easier severing of body parts.
  • Light & Shadows: The general outdoor lighting, sun rays and also shadows have been significantly improved.

You can find the full patchnotes on the games website.

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