Dying Light 2 – These points are currently the focus of the developers

Dying Light 2 - Next Patches & Fixes
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The launch of Dying Light 2: Stay Human is now a few days old – and an extensive Day One patch worked through a list of over a thousand bugs. Nevertheless, the new title from Techland still has some problems, which the developers are working on.

Now they published an overview of what is currently being worked on.

These things are to fix upcoming patches

With a post on Twitter, Techland gives an overview of the things that are to be addressed with the next patches – and also what is currently still being worked on.

They are currently targeting the current week (week 06) as the timeframe for the items mentioned.

These fixes are coming next

  • Various game crash bugs
  • Various situations in which endless blackscreens can appear
  • Replication of AI corpses in co-op
  • DLSS improvements
  • Issues where players can’t sell valuables to merchants

This is still being worked on

  • Problems with mouse keybindings
  • Support for extra keys on gaming mice
  • Block actions that end in a death cycle
  • Various block actions during story quests
  • Ability to enable English voice acting when the local language is not English
  • Addition of backup saves
  • More video settings
  • Visual bugs that sometimes appear in the hospital of the “Marks of the Plague” quest

The above fixes are mainly for the PC version of Dying Light 2, but players on consoles will also receive updates with fixes in the near future.

You can find an overview of the fixes for PlayStation and Xbox in the corresponding infographics on Twitter.

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