Dying Light 2 – Summer update with Payday 2 crossover

Dying Light 2 - Payday 2 Crossover & Summer-Update
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The summer update for Dying Light 2 is here and brings not only the community content for the consoles but also a Payday 2 crossover event and some new options for the game.

Payday 2 Crossover Event

In preparation for the upcoming Payday 3, there is currently a Payday 2 crossover event in Dying Light 2. In the dark streets and corners of the city, you currently encounter not only normal infected, but also infected robbers.
If you kill them, you will get red diamonds, which you can use to complete event objectives.

The event will run until September 21, 2023.

Mod integration on consoles

In collaboration with mod.io, community maps are now available on consoles and on the Steam deck with the summer update. You can now download and play community content on the Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam Deck.

As with the PC version, this is all done via a new menu item in the game itself.

New knife animations

The knife is getting some new animations with the summer update, and there will be more variations of the knife in the game in the future.

Introduction of Dying Light Points

The Summer Update also introduces a new in-game currency, Dying Light Points. With these you can buy skin bundles in the game itself.
You will get the first points when you log into the game and visit the store.

In the future, you won’t be able to buy bundles directly, but points – and at events there will always be the possibility to get some points for free.

Update Highlights

In addition to the content already mentioned, there are some additional new features that have been introduced:

  • Brutality levels: With the Gut Feelings update, the possible brutality levels in the game have been significantly increased. However, this can affect the streaming experience on platforms like Twitch. Therefore, there is now an option in the settings to set the brutality level (Full, Limited, Minimal). These settings are not available in the cut German version and the Japanese version.
  • Prologue changes: there is now an option to skip the prologue.
  • New Feature – Changes: The new feature titled “Changes” is intended to dynamically alter the gameplay experience of Dying Light 2 on a short-term basis to keep the gameplay experience fresh. However, if you would rather not participate, you can turn it off under “Participate in Community Events”.

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More Information

Summer Update 1.12 – Patchnotes


  • Fixed an issue where a player connected to your game was displayed multiple times during the Dynamic Challenge score while the challenge was still active.
  • Using consumable items no longer interferes with reviving other players in co-op.
  • Fixed an issue where a co-op partner would face a long blackscreen after fast traveling if the host started a cutscene.
  • Dynamic Challenges no longer block revival of other players.
  • Fixed player animation stuttering while using a lift.


  • Fixed Vibrations on the Dual Sense controller while playing on PC.
  • Fixed a bug where objects in the world were colliding with the environment.
  • Some of the enemies were stuck in place – we’ve just made them move now.
  • Volatiles jump-scared some players by spawning right in front of them. Now, enemies will spawn out of players’ sight.
  • Fixed the speed and animation of the player crawling through vents or crawlspaces after using Afterboost.
  • Weapon animations after using Afterboost were fixed to look more natural.
  • Fixed an issue where the Physical Parkour option was stopping the player from climbing ladders.
  • Reduced the tankiness of Volatiles. Fights with them are still challenging but more accessible.
  • Improved environment accessibility with Assisted and Physical Parkour.
  • Several accessories will no longer be affected by glass-like VFX while in hand.
  • Biters bounce off correctly after being thrown into a wall.
  • Fixed multiple instances where the screen was too dark to see what was in front of the player.
  • While crafting items with a full inventory on PS5, items will be transferred to the Stash.
  • Fixed missing textures in some places of the world.


  • Fixed the Nutcracker appearance while crafting the weapon.
  • Fixed some crashes that occurred in the game.
  • Fixed a situation where Aiden’s breath was irregular after the chase sequence, in the UV light, without enemies around.
  • Toned down the sounds made by grabbing the metal rooftops as they were too loud.
  • Fixed swimming sound effects.
  • Fixed an issue where Bloody Ties was not accessible after changing the console language.
  • Fixed an issue where fire caused a framerate drop on Resolution presets for XSX and PS5.
  • Fixed camera placing with various parkour movements.
  • The Physical Parkour option in the settings now correctly blocks custom parkour options.
  • Fixed an animation where the camera could clip into Aiden after dropkicking.
  • Community Maps will no longer be listed as installed after deleting their local files.
  • Fixed Aiden’s hand animation while dodging with a spear equipped.
  • Weapons will no longer disappear while using boomsticks.


  • Key Bindings now correctly explain how to Sprint manually.
  • Fixed weapon tooltips, including information about various effects.
  • Fixed multiple localization translations in the game.
  • Fixed the Dynamic Challenges’ UI stuttering.
  • Fixed a bug where the player couldn’t change a Color Grading.
  • Fixed an issue where the custom HUD might be empty.
  • Challenges are correctly marked on the 3D Map now.
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