Dying Light 2 – Repair charm is now affordable again

Dying Light 2 - Korek Charm Hotfix
(Image credit: Techland)

After the very popular Korek charm was first made significantly more expensive in a recently released patch, the developers of Dying Light 2: Stay Human are now responding to feedback from the community and bringing another customization for the charm.

Hotfix mitigates the nerf

After the charm became one of the most popular items in the community within a few days of its discovery, developer Techland released an update a short time later that secretly also upgraded the cost of production.

The charm now provided “only” 300 durability points and cost a whopping 666 Scrap.
Considering that the limit for the same was 999 Scrap until this update, thats quite alot!

The community expressed their displeasure on all channels – and so Techland adjusted the Korek Talisman again. As of now, you need a rare Infected trophy to craft it.
You will get it with a probability when you loot enemies that are not regular infected – for example, Howlers.

Why is the charm so popular?

In Dying Light 2, all weapons wear out over time. By using modifications (charms) you can repair your weapons, but only once per slot and the whole thing only gives 50 durability.

The Korek talisman is a modification that you can get from an Easter Egg. The special thing about it is that it adds a whopping +500 durability points to the weapon and can be removed and reinstalled as many times as you want.

So, in theory, you can use a weapon forever and not lose it as soon as it breaks.

With the recent changes, this should be much easier again.

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