Dying Light 2 – Patch fixes death loop bug and saves savegames

Dying Light 2 - Patch for Death Loop Bug
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The next patch for the PC version of Dying Light 2: Stay Human is available. This one brings the fix for a bug that destroyed savegames and also allows players to have their own key mapping for some actions.

Fix for Death Loop Bug

This was the problem

The particularly nasty “death loop bug” caused players to lose virtually all of their game progress. This is because some areas of the game can only be accessed during certain story sections, after which they are firmly sealed off.

If you were kicked out of the game for some reason before the fix or got out of the zone due to an error, you could not return.
The game state was virtually useless and could not be solved by the players.

The problem was probably triggered, among other things, when your co-op partner left the game in such an area – or by quitting the game while a cutscene from the “Transmission” quest was running.

The solution – rollbacks

The update that has now been released addresses this issue and fixes the bug itself.

In addition to this, a general rollback system has been introduced, which can be used to reset damaged game saves to an earlier state.

While playing through the main story, you’ll unlock backup game saves again and again, which you can then reset to if necessary.

Custom key mapping for special actions

In addition, there is now the possibility to freely assign some special actions in the game to desired keys – namely blocking, the active landing and the jump attack.

If the previous assignments were too much finger acrobatics for you, you can now adjust them as you wish.

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