Dark and Darker – New patches and first wipe date

Dark and Darker - Patchnotes and first wipe
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Two extensive patches continue to work on balancing Dark and Darker and also prepare the game for the first wipe in its runtime.

First wipe for Dark and Darker

The latest comprehensive patches for Dark and Darker prepare the survival dungeon crawler mix for the start of the new season, the launch of which will also see a wipe.

The wipe will take place this coming Monday, August 28, 2023.

During this wipe, all character levels, items, gold and skills will be reset – the characters themselves and their names will remain intact.

In the future there will be regular wipes, at the latest at the start of each new season.

Similar to Escape from Tarkov, this is to ensure that the changes will really affect all players in the same way and have the desired effect on the economy.


The latest patches for Dark and Darker focus a lot on balancing, a topic that is discussed a lot by the community. Thus, some adjustments were made to all classes.
Particularly noteworthy are the nerf for the double jump of the rogue, a limit for the physical damage reduction and adjustments for the wizard’s staffs.

You can find all patch notes in detail below:

Early Access Hotfix #6

  • An additional character slot has been added so you can create at least 1 of each class now.
  • Currency used to unlock classes has been returned.
  • Game time has been slightly increased for the Normal Inferno map.
  • Game time has been increased for all High Roller maps.
  • Added an additional blue portal and the Death Swarm closing times have been modified to close slower for the Goblin Cave maps.
  • Shrine of Protection’s ‘Physical Damage Reduction’ buff has been reduced from 30% to 15%.
  • Pots and Crates give a little bit of EXP when broken instead of zero EXP.
  • QoL update – Silver coins now stack to 30 instead of 25 per slot.
  • The Armor Rating curve has been modified and slightly flattened at the very high range.
  • Physical Damage Reduction now has a hard cap of 85%.
  • Rogue’s double jump has been modified to apply a temporarily movement speed reduction upon landing. The maximum height of the double jump has also been slightly reduced.
  • Rogue’s Weakpoint Attack now reduces the target’s Armor Rating by 40% instead of reducing the Physical Damage Reduction.
  • Rogue can no longer equip the Hand Crossbow.
  • Fighter’s Taunt ability’s Physical Damage Reduction reduced from 15% to 10%.
  • Fighter’s Barricade gives +50 armor rating in defensive position instead of +15% Physical Damage Reduction.
  • Ranger’s Penetrating Shot now grants 25% more Armor Penetration and an error in the description text has been fixed.
  • Bard’s Din of Darkness’s ‘Attribute Damage Ratio’ reduced from 10%/30%/50% to 6%/9%/12%.
  • Explosive Bottle and Oil Lantern now do magical damage instead of physical damage.
  • Instruments are now bard-only.
  • Significantly reduced the values for ‘Physical Damage Reduction’ that appear as random attributes on items.
  • Falchion damage has been slightly reduced.
  • Windlass Crossbow has 25% armor penetration.
  • Crossbow has 20% armor penetration.
  • The Hand Crossbow has 5% armor penetration.
  • Flanged Mace and Morning Star have 15% armor penetration.
  • War Maul has 30% armor penetration.
  • Magic Staff now have Magical Damage by default.
  • Reduced the base projectile damage reduction values for Plate Armors.

Early Access Hotfix #7

  • Healing potions have been rebalanced. The time duration of the potions has been increased from 20s to 45s and healing potions no longer stack.
  • Bandages have been rebalanced. All bandages now heal 15 recoverable health on use. Higher tier bandages take a shorter time to apply.
  • Surgical Kits take longer to apply across all tiers.
  • Hand crossbow damage decreases dramatically the farther the bolt travels before hitting a target.
  • Hand Crossbow movement speed penalty changed from -18 to -20.
  • Throwing knives projectile speed slightly increased.
  • Hunting traps no longer require a skill check when disarming.
  • Attribute Bonus Ratio of all spells has been adjusted to 50%.
  • Attribute Bonus Ratio of all shield magic has been adjusted to 50%.
  • Wizard’s Fireball splash damage increased by 5.
  • Wizard’s Icebolt damage increased by 5.
  • Wizard’s Arcane Shield absorb amount reduced from 35 to 20
  • Movement speed and action speed reduction due to frostbite have been changed from -15% to -20%.
  • A new Hand Crossbow Mastery perk has been added for the Rogue.
  • High Roller dungeon entrance ante lowered to 50g until wipe.
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