Dark and Darker – New Hotfix and DDOS attacks against the servers

Dark and Darker - Hotfix #10 & DDOS-Attacks
(Image Source: Ironmace)

Dark and Darker’s servers are currently under attack, forcing the developers to perform extended maintenance and countermeasures in addition to the new hotfix.

DDOS attacks against the servers

Actually, Dark and Darker was only supposed to receive a small patch today (you can find the patch notes at the end of the article).
However, during the maintenance work, DDOS attacks apparently started against the game’s servers.

According to a short status message in the game’s official Discord, these are so damaging that the developers have to take countermeasures.
This is currently delaying the end of the maintenance work.

It is not known from where the DDOS attacks originate or what goal is being pursued with them.

Early Access – Hotfix #10 Patchnotes

  • Fixed an issue where stealth could not be broken when bumping into an opponent while stealthed.
  • Fixes to slightly improve server performance.
  • A few minor bugs have been fixed.
  • Ironshield logic has been updated.
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