Dark and Darker – Hotfix #5 tweaks the Loot

Dark and Darker - Early Access Hotfix #5 Patchnotes
(Image Source: Ironmace)

The next hotfix for Dark and Darker is here, and this time it is much clearer, but no less interesting. This time it’s about the loot you get.

There is now a better drop rate for the Lion’s Head and Gold Chest and the Cave Troll, the boss in the solo dungeon, can now drop a mystical gem.

In addition, there are fixes for the filters in the trading post, a timer for the seasonal ranks and various small improvements.

Early Access Hotfix #5 Patchnotes

  • Fixed a bug where multiple filters in the trade post could not be applied simultaneously.
  • Bard’s score for a Good performance has been slightly lowered.
  • The drop rate of Lion’s Head Chest and Gold Chest has been improved.
  • Cave Troll Elite can now drop a Mystical Gem.
  • A temporary timer is displayed indicating the end of the season ranks.
  • Other minor fixes.
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