Dark and Darker – First wipe including new patch

Dark and Darker - First wipe and new patch
(Image Source: Ironmace)

Dark and Darker has gone through its first wipe and all players are starting from scratch again. The reason for the measure was also a heavy load of cheaters in the game.

First wipe is done

Already last week, developer Ironmace announced the wipe, in which all character progress, items and gold will be reset.
Among other things, the developers cited the high load of cheaters and exploiters and the resulting impact on the game’s economy as the reason for the measure, but general changes to the loot and balancing also played a role.

The wipe was already planned, but had to take place earlier due to the current camps.

In the coming weeks, there will continue to be regular updates to both further work on balancing and create a more robust defense against cheaters.

Return of voice chat

To accompany the wipe, there was also a new patch which, to the delight of many players, brought voice chat (VOIP) back into the game – this had not been active since the game’s release.

In addition, Ironmace reversed some changes made in the last weeks, so the spell attributes were reset to their original values.
You can find the complete patch notes below:

Wipe Patchnotes

  • Voice over Ip (VOIP) is back in the game
  • All spells Attribute Bonus Ratio returned to 100%.
  • The All Attributes random modifiers can now go up to +3.
  • All potions now heal for 15 hp. The required duration for the potion decreases as the grade improves.
  • Improved the ratio of recoverable health from 0.5 to 0.65 for taken damage.
  • All bandages now take a base time of 5.5s to apply but heals varying amounts of recoverable health based on the grade.
  • Regular Interaction Speed bonus is applied at only 50% bonus when using a Surgical Kit or Bandage.
  • Francisca Axe price reduced from 24 to 18 and Hunting Trap price increased from 7 to 10.
  • Bard’s Accelerando 5/8/11 -> 5/7/9
  • Bard’s Allegro 3%/5%/7% -> 3%/4.5%/6%
  • Bard’s Shriek of Weakness -10/-25/-40 -> -10/-20/-30
  • Wizard’s Zap 1s -> 1.25s
  • QuaterStaff MoveSpeed Penalty -35 -> -30
  • Zweihander MoveSpeed Penalty -50 -> -45
  • High Roller entrance fee will be kept at 50 gold for now.
  • The gold hoard has been removed from the Ruins map.
  • Fixed several client crashes.
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