Dark and Darker – Developers offer coffee box including jug for a short time

Dark and Darker - Limited Coffee Box
(Image Source: Ironmace)

The fact that the development of Dark and Darker is taking some unexpected turns is no longer a secret, at least since the last playtest, for which the developers published the game files using a method that is rarely used nowadays.

Recently, however, Ironmace Studios announced a partner for the game, although the legal dispute with publisher Nexon is probably anything but settled.
In fact, the developers of Dark and Darker have teamed up with a coffee manufacturer.

What’s in the themed coffee box

Said partner is the coffee brand Madrinas, with whom Ironmace offered a limited box set for a short time.
Included were dark roasted instant coffee and a bag of dark roasted coffee beans, as well as a wooden jug – all fancy packaged in a Dark and Darker box.

Despite the hefty price of $49.99 (plus high shipping costs), the box was completely sold out in no time.

The “Dark and Darker” coffee is currently still available for purchase separately.

The deal with the coffee manufacturers will likely be an attempt to better position themselves when it comes to the potential costs of the legal dispute with Nexon.
The developers had already hinted that one of Nexon’s strategies could be to bleed the much smaller studio financially with the legal costs in order to win the lawsuit.

Korean-based studio Ironmace has been in a dispute with Nexon, a major PC game developer and publisher also from Korea, for quite some time.
Former Nexon employees had founded Ironmace and then started developing Dark and Darker, which Nexon says is a copy of an internal development project the developers were working on before they left.

The disputes led to the removal of the successful Dark and Darker from Steam, a police raid on Ironmace and a postponement of the planned Early Access, the last playtest was conducted under difficult conditions.

Whether and when Dark and Darker will be released in light of these circumstances is currently uncertain.

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