Dark and Darker – Balancing adjustments and time-gate for new accounts

Dark and Darker - Early Access Hotfix #8 & #9
(Image Source: Ironmace)

The developers of Dark and Darker continue to work tirelessly on balancing their game.

In just a few days, two more patches for the game have been released, which, in addition to the balancing itself, also add some obstacles for cheater accounts.

What’s in Hotfix #8 and #9

In terms of testing, we are currently trying out access to certain maps for certain team sizes, among other things, and the fee for the high-roller dungeon was also temporarily removed and recently adjusted back to 50 gold.

In terms of balancing, Ironmace is currently trying to bring the various weapons in line with their intended use.
For example, the damage of the Stiletto, Rapier, and Falchien has been slightly reduced, while that of the Viking Sword and the less popular Kris Dagger has been significantly increased.
The two-handed sword, halberd, felling axe and bardiche now also deal slightly more damage.

The developers are also currently focusing on making it as difficult as possible for cheaters and cheaters in the game.
This is to be achieved, among other things, by a time lock that prevents new accounts from using features like the trading post and the high-roller dungeons too quickly.

Early Access Hotfix #9 – Patchnotes

  • Fixed an issue where the Quick Slot status of the spectating target may not be reflected properly.
  • Now, after using a utility item, you will automatically grab the utility item in the next slot.
  • An option has been added to automatically equip utility items in the inventory when pressing the utility hotkey.
  • The character’s base mesh has been changed for better compatibility with more clothing.
  • Added a new loading image.
  • Ironshield’s logic has been updated.
  • The attribute bonus ratio for The Wizard’s Ignite and Magic Missile spells has been adjusted to 50%.
  • For the time being, All Attribute options on all items will only go up to +1. *applies only to new item drops.
  • High roller ante is adjusted to 50 gold.

Early Access Hotfix #8 – Patchnotes

  • As an experiment, ‘The Ruins’ map can now only be accessed by solo and duo teams.
  • The weapon damage gap between the different grades has been reduced.
  • Slight damage reduction to Stiletto Dagger, Short Sword, Rapier, Horseman’s Axe, Falchion, and Crossbow.
  • Slight damage increase to Zweihander, Wizard Staff, Halberd, Felling Axe, and Bardiche.
  • Large damage increase to Viking Sword and Kris Dagger.
  • Higher quality lanterns have a lower move speed penalty.
  • Rogue’s Caltrops ability cooltime reduced from 24 → 12s,
  • Rogue’s Caltrops ability slow duration increased from 2 → 3s,
  • Rogue’s Caltrops ability count reduced from 6 → 4.
  • The Ruins’ final triple blue portal has been changed to 2 single blue portals.
  • One blue portal in normal Goblin Cave near the end has been removed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Buckler could not benefit from perks related to the Fighter’s Shield.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause too much damage to be calculated at once.
  • Fixed several known crashes.
  • As an experiment, we have removed the entrance fee for the High Roller dungeons.
  • The Trading Post and High-Roller features are locked behind a 120-hour time gate for accounts less than 5 days old.
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