Conan Exiles – Age of War Chapter 2 brings revamp for the Purge

Conan Exiles - Purge Revamp with Age of War Chapter 2
This is how the new Purge in Conan Exiles works. (Image Source: Funcom)

With the new update Age of War – Chapter 2, the survival title Conan Exiles gets a complete overhaul of the purge mechanics, which should give you more control over the process.
We show you how the new system works!

This is how a purge used to work

Until now, the purge system worked in such a way that your base was automatically attacked and besieged by NPC hordes at some point. This could happen as soon as you exceeded a certain threshold of activity in the game.
You had virtually no control over how and when it would happen.

Age of War Chapter 2 completely overturns this system, using the recently introduced treasury system.

Purge on Demand

With the Purge overhaul, you can decide when you’re ready for a purge.
To do so, you simply have to talk to your treasurer and show off your wealth. The better filled your treasury and thus your wealth is, the stronger the waves of enemies that attack you will be – and the better the rewards that await you.
So you can control how hard the purge will be.

This value is expressed in the threat level, which ranks between 1 and 10. In addition, factors such as the number of defending players and the number of subjects play a role, but this is not reflected in the threat level.
On the higher difficulty levels, however, the developers clearly recommend getting help from allies and expanding your own defenses.

For this purpose, there is now also a new placement option for slaves, so that they can be placed as guards at gates and doors.

Conan Exiles - Treasure Room
The value of your treasury determines how hard the Purge will be. (Image Source: Funcom)

Here’s how the new purge works

Once you’ve declared your wealth, a stygian war camp will be set up near your base. You will then be attacked by waves of assailants that vary in composition depending on the threat level.
From slaves on the low levels to stygian bounty hunters and pirates.

They can also sometimes lead siege engines into battle that make short work of your defenses.

Conan Exiles - Purge Attack Waves
Watch out for attackers with siege weapons such as the battering ram! (Image Source: Funcom)

When the attackers reach your treasury, they will try to steal your treasures and bring them to their camp.
However, they are very vulnerable, which you can take advantage of.

The waves of attackers will keep hitting your walls until one of two conditions occurs: your treasury is empty or you have killed its leader.
The leader – called the “Hand of War” – will show up and challenge you when you’ve taken out enough attackers.

While fighting him, however, he will continue to send waves of attacks against you – keep that in mind!
If you kill the Hand of War, the Purge is over and so is the Siege.

Conan Exiles - Hand of War in War Camp
The “Hand of War” in the stygian War Camp (Image Source: Funcom)

Rewards for defeating the Purge

If you manage to take out the leader, the attacks will stop and you will receive a key from him. This opens a loot chest inside the war camp.
The content depends on the threat level – the higher and more difficult, the better the loot.

You can also find stygian prisoners in the camp, including the NPC Isscar the Mercenary.
He will exchange treasures for traps, arrows, explosive weapons and more – which will help you defend against the next Purge.

Once you feel ready for the next Purge, just talk to your treasurer again and get going.

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