Call of Duty’s extraction mode “DMZ” will not be developed further

Modern Warfare 3 - DMZ News
(Image Source: Activision Blizzard)

Since the first beta for the new Call of Duty title Modern Warfare 3, there has been a lot of information about the start of the first season, the transfer of content from its predecessor and the new version of the battle royale mode Warzone.
However, the DMZ mode of the predecessor usually received little to no attention in these announcements.

It is now clear that the developers will not be developing the mode any further.

The end for DMZ in its current form

DMZ mode was supposed to be Call of Duty’s answer to the Extraction Shooter hype, but on par with Battlefield’s rival Hazard Zone, it never really caught on with the masses.
Nevertheless, a community has formed around the mode that plays it almost exclusively.

However, in the big overview of the upcoming launch of the first season of Modern Warfare 3 and the coinciding integration and start of the new Warzone era, a statement has now been published that confirms one of the fans’ fears:

DMZ mode will not be further developed and there will be no new version for Modern Warfare 3.
Although DMZ will still be playable, it will no longer have any effect on progress in Warzone, Modern Warfare 3 or the associated Battle Pass.

DMZ will most likely share the same fate as the very first Warzone mode.
This also ran parallel to the new version for a while and was finally shut down completely in September of this year.

From DMZ to Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

After this sobering news, the question naturally arises as to what happens next for fans of the mode.
If the developers have their way, then they should switch to the new Zombie mode in Modern Warfare 3.

This combines some of the aspects of DMZ with the zombie theme, but also has some key differences.
As in DMZ, you start a round with a character and equipment and lose this and all equipment if you don’t manage to extract from a round alive at the end.

However, you will mainly have to deal with the zombies and mutants, the AI soldiers play a subordinate role.
Furthermore, the mode is completely PvE-based, so there is no confrontation with other players, no PvP.

For many players of the genre, however, it is precisely the PvP aspect that makes the whole thing so exciting.

There is currently quite a lot going on in Modern Warfare 3’s zombie mode, but it is questionable whether this will remain the case once everyone has received their camouflages and unlocked all the unlocks.

It is also unclear at the moment whether there is a chance of a possible new game mode in the future that implements the findings from DMZ and MW3 Zombies and once again offers a PvP aspect.

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