Apex Legends – Video introduces Mad Maggie as a new legend

Apex Legends - New Legend Mad Maggie in Season 12
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The latest issue of Stories from the Outlands is here and is titled “Judgement”. In it, we are introduced to the newest legend for Apex Legends who will be joining the squad in Season 12 – Mad Maggie!

Who is Mad Maggie?

The character Maggie is anything but new here, as you may already know her from Fuse’s Season 8 short film, in which she causes the loss of Fuse’s arm in a fight.

She also appeared in the launch trailer for Season 8 and the special “War Games” game mode, but was apparently killed during those events.

However, as the new short film now shows, Mad Maggie is still alive and kicking and has caused some uproar.
As punishment for this, the Syndicate throws her into the Apex Games, where she will meet her old acquaintance Fuse.

There is no other information about Mad Maggie at the moment. Neither her passive abilities nor her active skillset are known yet – but that should probably change in the coming days.

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More Information

What we know about season 12

The new season 12 will be titled “Disobedience” (Defiance) and besides Mad Maggie as a new legend, it will also bring a temporary new game mode that will be in the game for 3 weeks.
The game mode “Control” is about holding flag points and players can endlessly respawn after dying.

In addition, the Olympus map seems to be returning, though there will likely be some as-yet unspecified changes.

On the occasion of the 3rd birthday of Apex Legends, it’s also worth taking a look – if you log in within the first three weeks after the start of the season, you’ll get Octane, Wattson and Valkyrie completely free of charge.

Season 12 will also start soon – on February 9, 2022.

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