Amazon’s Fallout series production to start in 2022

Fallout series - Amazon to start production in 2022
(Image credit: Bethesda)

The extensive and popular Fallout universe is finally getting its own series! Back in 2020, Amazon announced that it was working on a series implementation in the Fallout universe.

Now there is more information about the contributors and the progress of the work on the series.

Top-class production team

Thus, the first episode of the series is to be produced under the supervision of Jonathan Nolan. The writer is known for the series Westworld and Person of Interest, but also for his involvement in the films Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and Interstellar alongside his brother Christopher Nolan.

Working with him will be Westworld co-writer Lisa Joy, as well as showrunners Geneva Robertson-Dworet (Captain Marvel) and Graham Wagner (The Office).
From Bethesda’s side, Todd Howard of Bethesda Game Studios and James Altman of Bethesda Softworks will be on the team.

An illustrious round, which already raises some hope for a good implementation – even if most names were already known.

Production to start this year

The really interesting information is that Amazon has announced to start with the actual production of the series now.
It is not unusual that years can pass from the planning of such a project to the actual implementation, even more so in times of a pandemic.

However, it is still unclear what the setting of the series will be. Of course – it will be about post-apocalyptic America, Vault-dwellers in blue skin-tight suits and raiders, that much is virtually certain – but apart from that we don’t know anything about the content yet.
So far, no actors or roles have been announced for the series either.

Until there’s new information on the Amazon series adaptation of Fallout, though, you can check out an existing series. Fallout: Nuka Break is an unofficial web series that is fan-made but still 100% Fallout.

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